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ANOTHER Great Party Night At Glenisle Hotel?

WAW, what a great night at the Glenisle Hotel. Miss Sasha Blaze came over from the mainland to host her drag bingo and cabaret show, and I was on hand to DJ into the wee small hours, playing all your favourite party hits and hands-in-the-air anthems. Looking forward to the next one. Be sure to find her online, and if she's performing in your local area, don't miss out as it's a great show (not for the easily offended).

It's all big smiles and laughs during the bingo calling itself. Who would have thought that drag queens and an old fashioned game of Bingo go together so well?

During the show, Miss Sasha Blaze performs some big belting cabaret hits, including cheesy party anthems from Journey, ABBA and Beyonce. The crowd were singing along happily.

Above: Some of our mad party-goers "trying" to do the dance to Saturday Night. However, let's be honest. It's the taking part that counts. If you've not been before, or not been for some time, now is the time to give the Glenisle another shot. There's so much happening; they've got discos, live music, quizzes, an upcoming outdoor Christmas market to look forward to, and Christmas dinner dances.

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