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Saturday Night at the Theatre

This is the main prop from the first play of the evening, titled 'Delayed', starring Vikki Barbour, Val Brown and Patrick Scott, a light-hearted, funny piece set in an airport which we converted into Brodick Ferry Terminal for our local Arran audience.

We had lots of fun rehearsing this play, and it got plenty of laugh-out-loud reactions on the night.

Next up, we have a few stills from our final play of the evening, The New Meteorologist, a fun, quirky and slightly outrageous piece set in a TV studio where the antics and frolics go between backstage chaos and on-air mayhem. This one starred Vikki Barbour, Val Brown, Beverley Scott, Andy McNamara and Alice Maxwell.

Above: if you zoom in on Andy's face, you'll see the phenomenal makeup job we did on him.

The script for this piece was already funny on the page, but having five Arran locals delivering the lines made the laughs land even harder. The night was full of many emotions, but this was a great one to finish on; big laughs, lots of piss-taking and nobody taking themselves too seriously. All the perfomers on the night really delivered for the local community, and it showed by the standing ovation that they received. Here's to the next one.

Here we have our main set piece from The New Meteorologist, a massive 8-foot board designed and hand-painted (if you zoom in, you'll see we had some fun with it) over two days by Catherine Rose Scott

(of, who also designed the Calmac timetable board and was our photographer on the night.

Here's the running order from the night. So much hard work put in by everyone. Thankfully we all got a good payoff. See you soon, Craig x

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